At Royal Lawns we know what your lawn & soil requires - our trained professionals will review and analyze your lawn. We specialize in restoring nutrients to problematic soil, lawn treatment, weed control, fertilizing, lawn renovations, as well as seeding and control for fleas and ticks.

Located on the Eastern Shore of Maryland - we serve Talbot, Dorchester, Caroline, Queen Anne's and Sussex Counties. Locally owned and operated since 1987 - you can feel confident of receiving the best Easton, Maryland lawn treatment service from your neighbors.

Because there's nothing like the great outdoors – unless you've got a lawn that's not so great.

Making the Difference

Your lawn beautifies and adds value to your home. It’s the green space that provides recreational opportunities for your family. Our lawn treatments and nutrient programs are designed to produce superior results. We select and apply soil nutrients that keep your lawn functioning at its best. The nutrients are chosen based on your turf grass type and the climatic region we live. It’s this precise selection and application of soil nutrients that keeps your lawn looking great.


Your Lawn


  • Evaluation of your lawn's overall health

  • Classification of grass types in your lawn

  • Identification of weeds,and diseases on your lawn

  • Examination of your mowing and watering techniques

  • Personalized recommendations for achieving and maintaining the best lawn possible

Benefits Over-Time


Lawn Treatment

A healthy well-maintained lawn can have many benefits that we don’t often realize. It adds value to your home. It can provide a calming, stress reducing place to relax and enjoy, as well as provide for recreation and entertaining opportunities for your guests. A lawn reduces heat and noise, improves air quality and reduces dirt and dust from entering your home. It also prevents soil erosion by trapping water to help the absorption into the soil. The grass roots will also improve the soil over time. Grass also does a great job at absorbing carbon from the atmosphere. These long-term benefits of lawn care help not only us but the environment for a better tomorrow.

Healthy Soil

A healthy nutrient rich soil is the backbone of a beautiful lawn. It’s when all the nutrients are optimized and at the proper levels, the lawn can excel. It can better survive the changes of adverse environmental conditions such as drought, and extreme heat or cold. Diseases can also be better tolerated when the grass isn’t stressed due to lack of food. Keeping a well-maintained soil full of nutrients is the best protection and insurance in maintaining a healthy lawn.