Residential & Commercial Program

This comprehensive program provides a year-round plan of preventative and active services to ensure your lawn is as healthy as possible.

Early Spring

Fertilization, Pre-Emergence Crabgrass Control

Late Spring

Fertilization, Broadleaf Weed Control, Additional Pre-Emergence Crabgrass Control (as needed)


Lime Application for Soil PH Maintenance, Spot Broadleaf Weed Control

Early Fall

Fertilization, Broadleaf Weed Control, Dandelion Control

Late Fall

Winterizing Fertilizer


Our lawn technician will visit your lawn regularly according to your schedule of treatments. If a problem does arise, there is no cost for a service call to determine course of action.

Extra treatments would include such items as lime, fungicide, grub control, seeding, or aerating. Hard to manage weeds such as Nutsedge, Dallis Grass, and Bermuda Grass will require a separate treatment at an additional cost. These weeds cannot be managed with our regular lawn treatment program.

Royal Lawns, LLC will provide services from one calendar year to the next automatically until our customers cancel the service. Optional lawn treatments that may benefit your specific lawn needs include such items as grub control, seeding, aerating, lime, fungicide, along with flea and tick control.