Soil Sampling & Testing


Royal Lawns, LLC provides soil sampling services to our current customers as well as non customers who need help in this regard. Our focus is for lawn fertilization requirements. We send the sample of soil collected to an independent soil testing laboratory and they in turn report the results to us. We use these results to make any adjustments to the fertilizer treatments for our customers. We adhere to the Maryland Nutrient Management Laws requiring soils to be tested every three years.

Soil tests are a very important tool in determining the level of certain nutrients in the soil. Grass, like any other living organism, does best when provided with all the nutrients it needs. Some physical characteristics of the grass can give indications of low or high nutrient levels. Grass that grows too slow or to fast, or has a pale green color can be indicators of unusual nutrient levels. A soil test can provide the most precise determination of the level of these nutrients in the soil.


Determining the soil pH or the amount of acidity in soil is a major benefit of soil testing. Grass grows best at a certain pH. If it is too high or too low the lawn will suffer and struggle to survive. Soil tests also provide physical information about the soil, such as texture (sandy, silty or clay) and amount of organic matter. Good soil sampling and testing is the best way to find out nutrient levels which in turn helps proper fertilizer selection.