Royal Lawns LLC can supply all your lawns nutrient needs to create a beautiful lawn. Royal Lawns uses proprietary fertilizer designed specifically for the Mid -Atlantic region and especially for Maryland and Delaware’s Eastern Shore. Each fertilizer provides a particular nutrient needed at that time of the year for optimum grass growth. The fertilizers are applied with calibrated spreaders in correct amounts and are not over or under applied, and are applied in accordance with the MD and DE nutrient management laws. Let us do the fertilization for your lawn.

Fertilization is the process of applying nutrients to the soil to provide food for plant growth. The fertilizer can take on several structural forms such as organic, inorganic, natural or synthetic. There are 13 mineral elements (nutrients) recognized as being essential for plant growth. The 3 main nutrients in fertilizer are nitrogen (aids in producing green color), Phosphorus (used in root development) and Potassium (that strengthens plant cell structure) to provide better wear tolerance as well as cold/heat and drought tolerance.

Facts About Fertilization

Other important nutrients are sulfur, calcium and magnesium. These can be supplied with lime or SoluCal S or as a fertilizer coating. The remaining micronutrients are needed in such small amounts that they are rarely physically applied and are normally sufficient in the soil. When fertilizer is applied and dissolves in the soil, the grass roots begin using each individual nutrient or element as needed and has no preference for any of the structural forms the nutrient came from. The different forms (organic, inorganic, natural or synthetic) are different because of where they come from or how they are created, such as plant residues, manure, minerals mined or collected in a chemical process and made into a synthetic fertilizer. Some forms may dissolve slower and give a slow release effect that is often desirable. For more information on Maryland's Turfgrass Nutrient Management Program, Please go to www.mda.maryland.gov/fertilizer The grass needs the nutrients to grow and survive and doesn’t have a preference for the form applied. Let our Specialist provide fertilization to your lawn, call 800-439-6581